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Rosskeen Supply Company are able to supply a wide range of Lubricants and Oils. The demand for lubrication for machinery and vehicles has recently increased from what it used to be. By choosing to use the right quality of oil and the right type of lubricant you are minimising the wear and tear of machinery, as well as maximising the level of performance.

  • Qualube All Farm 3

A top quality super universal oil for use in most diesel engines, turbo and normally aspirated. Also suitable for most tractor transmissions / hydraulics where wet brakes are used. The product is produced to a 15w/30 grade to more than satisfy most of the leading tractor manufacturers’ requirements.

  • Qualube Agri-supreme

A top quality super universal oil for use in most diesel engines, turbo and normally aspirated. Also suitable for most tractor/transmission/hydraulics where wet brakes are used. This product is produced to more that satisfy most of the leading tractor manufacturers’ requirements. Viscosity 10w/30. Approved by Massey Ferguson.

  • Qualube Sutrans

A superior quality product designed to satisfy the new generation demands found on hydraulics / final wet drives / wet brakes on many tractors, incorporating very high anti-squawk properties. Viscosity 10w/30

  • Qualube Hi-Q Trans

Suitable for Case IH transmission. Meets the MS 1207 specification. Viscosity 10w/20

  • Qualube WBTO

Specially formulated for use as a multi-purpose hydraulic/transmission/wet brake lubricants for tractors. Viscosity 10w/30.

  • Qualube BM Trans

Specially formulated for use as a multi purpose hydraulic/transmission/wet brake lubricant for tractors. Meets VME, WB 101 specifications. Viscosity 10w30.

  • Qualube Universal Oil, Non Turbo

Tractor Universal Oil suitable for use in non-turbo engines and tractor final drive/hydraulics where wet brakes are NOT fitted. Viscosity 20w/30

  • Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Lubricants

These are heavy duty extreme pressure gear oils formulated to give increased extreme pressure properties to cope with the arduous conditions found in certain transmissions and final drives. Qualube Gear Oil HDEP meets or exceeds the following specifications: MIL – L 2105 D CS3000 B API Service Classifications GL-5.
Available in a range of viscosities.

  • Qualube EXtreme Pressure Lubricants

These are extreme pressure gear oils for use in heavily loaded gears and bearings that are encountered in modern machinery. Many applications will be found in many gear boxes and final drives of heavy goods vehicles and passenger cars. Qualube Gear Oil EP meets or exceeds the following specifications: API Service Classification GL-4 MIL-L-2105 CS 3000 A
Available in a range of viscosities.

  • Qualube MEP Gear Oils

Mild Extreme Pressure Gear Oil mainly for use in Industrial Gearboxes. Available in a range of viscosities.

  • Qualube MEP 140 Mild Gear Oil

A mild extreme pressure gear oil for use in bevel and worn gears. Suitable for use in gearboxes which contain bronze, brass and copper.

  • Qualube Classic EP GL4 Gear Oil

Manufactured in multi-grade and mono-grade gear grades to extend the API GL4 requirement of an extreme pressure oil. 
Available in SAE 80, 90, 140, 85w/140, 85w/90, 80w/90, 90w/140.

  • Qualube Classic Hypoid GL5 Gear Oil

A high quality gear oil suitable for heavy duty lubrication on hypoid rear axles. Also available as a limited slip differential oil.
Available in SAE 80, 90, 140, HD EP 85w/140, 85w/90, 80w/90, 90w/140.

  • Qualube Classic Straight Gear Oil

A gear oil suitable for older gear boxes and transmissions where non additive treated oils are required.
Available as grades SAE80, 90, & 140, API GL1.

  • Qualube Classic Semi-synthetic Gear Oil 75W/90

Suitable for gear boxes and transmissions. Technical appraisal recommended before application.

  • Qualube Classic LS HD EP 80W/140

A heavy duty extreme pressure gear oil for axles fitted with limited slip differentials. GLS.

  • Qualube Classic LS HD EP 90

A heavy duty extreme pressure gear oil for axles fitted with limited slip differentials. GLS.

  • Qualube Syntogear

High Performance Semi-Synthetic Gear Oils for extended drain. High load application and reduced drag for fuel efficient operation. Available in a range of viscosities.

  • High Temperature Greases

Ultra high Temp. 2 (-30oC to +600oC)

  • Low Temperature Greases

Ultra Low temp. 2 (-60oC to +130oC)

  • Vibration Resistant Greases

Vibration Resistant Grease 2.5 (-20oC to +175oC)

  • Water Resistant Greases

WaterQual 2 (-20oC to +150oC)

  • Food/Clean Environment Greases

FoodQual High Temp. 2 (-20oC to +220oC)
FoodQual Chain and Gear Oil (-30oC to +240oC)
FoodQual Chain Spray Aerosols (-30oC to +240oC)

  • Assembly Compounds

AssemblyQual (Dry Film) (-70oC to +450oC)
AssemblyQual (Greasy Film) (-20oC to +250oC)

  • Conveyor Chain Greases

High Temp Chain Oil 260 (-10oC to +260oC)
High Temp Chain Oil 260M (-10oC to +260oC)

  • Long Life Greases

Ultra Life 2 (-30oC to +150oC)

  • Heavy Lithium

High temperature multi-purpose grease, where application allows a heavier grease to be used.

  • EP2

Extreme pressure grease especially suitable for shock loaded applications.

  • LM2

Lithium Extreme Pressure Grease containing Molybdenum Disulphide for heavily loaded bearings.

  • EPO

Semi-fluid grease for use in gear boxes where grease is recommended because of leakage problems, also power harrows.

  • Graphited Greases

Mainly used for fifth wheel connections in lorries.

  • Wire Rope Greases

RopeQual 00

  • Open Gear Greases

OpenGear 2.5

  • Lithium Complex

A lithium complex soap base imparting good temperature characteristics – this is an NLGI No. 2 consistency and is very water resistant.

  • Lithium

High temperature grease suitable for most bearings and chassis lubrication.

  • Petroleum Jelly

Battery terminals etc.

  • Bentone Grease

High temperature resisting grease e.g. tarmac laying machines on bearings.

  • White Brake Grease

Water resisting grease.

  • Bitumen Grease

Heavy coating for wire ropes, slow moving open gears.

  • Water Pump Grease

Mainly for packing water pumps and manhole sealing.

  • White Food Grease

A premium quality anhydrous grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings found in in food processing environments. Do NOT use in direct contact with food.

  • Silicone Grease

A silicone compound for lubrication of valves over a wide temperature range. Resistant to many organic chemicals, hot and cold water, low pressure steam and gases.

  • Copper Grease

Anti-seize coating grease.

  • Qualube SAE 30

Suitable for older type four stroke engines. Satisfying SA requirement.

  • Qualube 4 Stroke (EF 30)

Superior quality petrol engine oil satisfying the requirements for modern engines.

  • Qualube Two Stroke

Suitable for use in most two stroke engines, where leaded or unleaded petrol is used. (Low Ash)

  • Qualube Chainsaw Oil (Bar Oil)

Tacky anti-throw for use on chain saws and other exposed chains

  • Qualube Four Stroke (Eurofleet 10W/30 & 10W/40)

Superior quality petrol engine oil satisfying the requirements for modern engines.

  • Qualube Biodegradeable Chainsaw Oil

Environmentally Friendly Chainsaw Bar Oil

  • Qualube Hydrapower HV (VI)

A superior fluid for use in most hydraulic systems where an HV lubricant is required, i.e. self propelled harvesters, hydrostatic drives and anywhere that heat and wear is a problem. Produced in all the ISO viscosity grades.

  • Qualube Qualpoc HV46

Formulated using very high Shear Stable Vi improvers in order to meet the very demanding requirements of Poclain Hydraulics.

  • Qualube Hydraulic HM Lubricant

Premium quality HM hydraulic oil triple inhibited to combat foaming, wear and oxidation. Produced in all ISO viscosity grades.

  • Qualube Tipping Oil

Suitable for tipping gear.

  • Qualube ATF Type A Suffix A

Also used for power steering fluid.

  • Qualube ATF Type G

Ford M2C 33G Specification

  • Qualube ATF Type C3

Allison C3 Specification

  • Qualube Torqueconverter Fluid 10

Suitable for use where SAE Grade 10 is required. Meeting Allison C-4 Specification. (Coloured Red)

  • Qualube ATF Type D

Dexron Specification

  • Qualube ATF Type U

Universal Transmission Fluid

  • Qualube Compressor Oil

Produced to satisfy most of the leading manufacturers’ requirements in various ISO grades, dependant on the compressor. Specifically manufactured for reciprocating compressor using ashless additives to meet the DIN 51506 specification. Due to the complexity of compressors, we strongly recommend reference to our Technical Department for assistance on application.

  • Air Tool Oil

For use on airlines for lubrication of air operated tools.

  • Milking Machine Oil
  • Steam Cylinder Oil

A high viscosity non treated mineral oil for use in the steam cylinder application of engines, (i.e. tractor engines).

  • Non-Ferrous Cutting Oil

A non-soluble oil suitable for use when cutting brass and copper compounds. Exhibits very low staining characteristics.

  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Concrete Mould Oil

Emulsion cream for coating shuttering.

  • Slideway Lubricants

Tacky oil for machine beds.

  • Soluble Cutting Oil

An oil for dilution with water. Suitable for drilling, sawing etc.

  • Water Displacement Fluid

Spray, brush or dip- water displacement solution depositing an oily film for short term internal storage only.

  • High Active Detergent

Suitable for most cleaning operations using water, hot or cold and also suitable for use In power washers for vehicle cleaning.

  • Qualube Sulphurised Cutting Oil

Neat oil cutting fluid for thread cutting, gear cutting etc.

  • Qualube Transformer Oil

Qualube Transformer Oil is suitable for electric welders and transformers.

  • Qualube Rustarest L

Spray, brush or dip- rust preventative petroleum based

  • Multi Ease Aerosols

Multi-purpose maintenance spray.

  • Penetrating Oil Aerosols

Graphited penetrating oil.

  • Wire Rope and Open Gear Aerosols

Wire Rope and open gear oil.

  • Qualube De-greaser

Spirit based water soluble de-greasing fluid.

  • Witham Alkali Cleaner

For general heavy duty cleaning.

  • Altrans

Specialist aluminium cleaner.

  • Absorbant Granules

Low dust content floor granules.

  • Anti-Freeze

Top Quality Mono Ethylene Glycol BS6850 (1992) available twelve months of the year as summer coolant.

  • Black Disinfectant

A Phenolic very strong disinfectant.

  • Pale Pine Disinfectant

Pine, perfumed for general commercial use.

  • Cleaning Rags
  • Paper Roll Wipes
  • Qualube Hand Cleaner
  • Qualube TFR Hand Cleaner
  • Swarfega Hand Cleaner
  • Tufanega Hand Cleaner
  • Deb Chemical Cleaning Products

Full range also available


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